Friday, August 20, 2010

The only way to enjoy the outdoors in AZ... getting soaking wet! Here are some pics of Avers and I hanging out outside waiting for Daddy to come home. Averi got into the dogs water dish (as usual) and got all wet. I decided to just roll with it and break out the hose. I sprayed her down from head to toe. Even though the hose water was luke-warm, it still kept both of us nice and cool.
Hose misting her in the face Averi making sure I am still paying attention to her

Soaking wet and loving it Playing with one of her favorite toys

I know our yard is bleak. We are getting some plants in next week. Until then, its a sea of grey.

This last pic is a few days ago when she was waking up in the morning. She was kicking the railing so I went in to get her out of bed. She was just laying in her crib with her blanket over her showing nothing but her cute little legs. What a weirdo.


M&M said...

She is such a cutie!!!!! And she looks so big. And you are a super fun mom!!! I wish we lived closer.

Jed and Amanda said...

Oh she is so cute! She just looks like a sweetie :)

Clarissa and Darrin said...

Averi is adorable. I wish we lived closer!!!!!!