Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Averi and I had the privilege of going to visit my brother's family in Dallas last week. It was a blast catching up with Jared and Janese and of course their 4 sweet kids. They all adored Averi too :) I got to see the goings on in a house complete with two busy parents, four active kids and of course a dog (that will be Doug and I in a few years!). I also got to see their gorgeous new house and help make some decorating decisions which, lucky for me, demanded some crucial shopping! Kaly and Averi in her bedroom. Averi was in love with her mini rocking chair. She would climb in then get out, then in, then out about a million times. Averi loved all the attention she got while we were there. Camden and Preston got her to laugh pretty good a few times while in the car. This is Kaly and Averi at the American Girl store. Averi wasnt so much interested in the dolls as she was in pushing her stroller all around the store. I dont really know what is being said here but it looks to me like either Janese and Kaly are begging daddy for more merchandise, or they are asking Dayton what he thinks of the doll :) Averi refused to look Jared in the eyes but loved cuddling with him. She is such a little wierdo. This is her NOT looking at him but being entranced by him tickling her back. (when he walked over to her, she looked the other way and put her head on the floor like so)


M&M said...

I can't believe how much those kids have grown!!! I hardly recognize them. Camden looks exactly like a little Jared. Looks like you guys had a blast. I will have to call and talk to you about all the fun you had!

Jed and Amanda said...

How fun!! I guess now you best make your next trip to OREGON :) It looks like Averi was having a blast with her cousins. Cousins are the best.