Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nammy Comes!

Doug's mom Nancy was able to pay us a much anticipated visit last week. We had a great time kicking back by the pool, visiting the Goodyear splash pad, feeding the ducks at Estrella Mtn, shopping, and just spending time together. Averi loves her Nammy and has even mastered saying "hi, Nammy" to her. Its so cute. :)
This is Averi teaching Nammy how to put on lip gloss:

"see watch, you do it like this"

These are my kids. Okay maybe only one of them is mine but the other two are cute too :)

The ducks were VERY friendly if not too much so. You could feed them out of your hand and practically pet them. They were adorable but maybe a little too agressive when it came to getting that yummy bread. It wasnt until after taking this picture when I realized that the duck was totally pinching Averi's hand. They did it to me too and it doesnt really hurt but I am still surprised that Averi didn't cry. Zooming in on the picture proves how much skin it really got. That little bugger!

And here is the same duck yet again harassing poor little Averi. haha. No wonder she didn't really want to feed it. Smart girl.

I didnt bring Averi's swim suit or anything so I just took her shorts off at the splash pad. Here she is getting used to the idea.

Getting a little drink...

Now she is actually enjoying it and splashing around a little :)

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M&M said...

That is so fun that she came to visit! And I think those ducks seem pretty scary. Averi is one brave girl. I'm SOOOOOOO excited to see you guys tomorrow!!!