Sunday, November 13, 2011


For Halloween we went to the Trunk or Treat party at the church. Averi was in her cute cupcake costume, Doug was the Geico caveman and I was Flo from Progressive. I think most people got it but some needed a little help figuring it out. I made my pumpkin chilli for the chilli cook-off and took 2nd place! We had tons of fun as we do evey year. Averi was still a little shy the whole time with all of the commotion going on but she had fun getting candy from people and seeing some of her friends.

Here is my handsome caveman and my adorable cupcake. Doug got swindled (by me) into wearing MY wool pants that were quite slim fitting on him...much like the real geico caveman would wear :) Too bad theya ren't really showing in the picture.
 A blonde Flo
 I tried to get Averi to pose for the pic but I guess she just wanted to dance with Daddy.
 About to go trick-or-treating. Averi got excited when I informed her that we were going to go get candy from the neighbors.
 Averi did really good in the beginning walking, knocking on doors and holding out her own bag for them to put candy in. But after a few houses she wanted us to hold her bag for her. I was still quite impressed that she actually walked the whole time without asking to be picked up (or insisting to be picked up like she normally does). Maybe the sugar gave her the energy she needed.
 Averi goes to a moms-day-out babysitting group one morning each week. She loves it and they always to fun things with the kids. She got to paint mini pumpkins the week of Halloween. She LOVES to paint and do any sort of craft so this was right down her alley. So cute.
 When we go done trick-or-treating, we watched a little football while Averi did Doug's hair. You can see by her face here that she is quite proud of the bow on his head. This has been a recent hobby of Averi's (doing people's hair) and we love it because she is so gentle that is it actually feels really good!

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