Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween Party!

My friend Whitney and I hosted a small Halloween party for some of our friends' kids. The theme was owls as you can tell from the invites and refreshments. We played a modified version of hot potato (with a pumpkin), had a doughnut eating contest, and decorated caramel apples. The kids were all so darling and I think they all had fun. 

 We had two heats: Over 3 and under 3. This is obviously the little ones, and they didn't quite get that you had to keep your hands behind your back. :) So dang cute!
 The kids playing Hot Potato. Averi sat in between two older boys which was probably good since she wasn't really into the game. She had fun watching the other kids pass it around anyways :)
 My little cupcake eating a cupcake! She was ALL ABOUT the sweets at the party and there was no shortage of them either. I was surprised she didn't get sick from all the sugar.

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M&M said...

Holy cow! What an amazing party! It seriously looks so fun and like you had an amazing turnout. Averi is just the cutest little cupcake ever!