Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I took Averi to a pumkin patch/corn maze/etc a couple weeks ago with her friends Braxton and Kylee (and their parents). She had sooooo much fun so now it looks like its going to be an annual event for us! She loved playing in the corn kernal boxes, riding the "choo choo" and just running around exploring. But her favorite thing as usual was the animals. She could have stood there feeding scraps of hay to the horses the whole time! She is an animal lover just like her parents :)
Here she is petting the goats with no shoes on. She took them off for the corn box and then refused to let me put them back on her. Oh well!
 Playing by herself in the little red house and having the time of her life.
 Going down the tube slide. I thought she would be too scared like some of the other young kids but she loved it and went on it like ten times.
 Playing in the corn box with Kylee
Showing the other kids how it's done :) She was the bravest of all the kids when it came to dealing with the animals. 
 Riding the train with Brax. I thought she would be too scared for this too but I just kinda threw her on it and hoped she didn't try to jump off. I think she actually enjoyed it :)

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