Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Children's Museum and Farmers Market

I took Averi to the Childrens Museum a while ago and she loves it every time. I took Katelyn with us (the 1st grader that I watch sometimes) and we met up with some friends so the kids could all play. Averi had a blast as usual.
Here she is playing house with her dishes all lined up in a row.

 Averi and Ezra on the motion activated floor fan. She loves that thing.
 Just running around being crazy
 Whitney and I took the babes to the Farmers Market to look around a while back. There was a small petting zoo there that Averi would have gladly spent all our time at. There were the cutest little baby pigs there that I just wanted to hold so bad but of course they weren't in to being held!

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M&M said...

It looks so crazy seeing her in all those summer clothes! We are to the point of being pretty bundled up here. All of your fall activities look pretty fun and I wish we lived closer so the girls could enjoy them together.