Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

Thursday afternoon we went to our friends the Allen's house and at a delicious turkey feast with them and the Chattertons. It was so fun and the food what YUM! Averi had fun playing with their combined three boys but didn't exactly play with them. While they were busy playing dog pile and jumping off a chair onto a pile of pillows, she was having the time of her life playing with my Christmas bag and pretending like it was her purse. She is definately all GIRL I guess!

Doug and Averi watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. Averi LOVED it!
Thursday night me and Whitney went to Toys R Us to try and score some cheap diapers. We got there AFTER the store had opened but still ended up waiting over an hour just to get in. Then they were out of diapers so we missed out. We did hide some squinkies that were on sale though and came back later and got them without the line!
After Toys R Us we went across the street to Old Navy and missed out on the free cameras but were early enough to get some free gloves. We scored some pretty good deals there. Then we headed over to Target and didnt get anything but just looked around. We got home at 2am but it was so worth it! :)

Doug and I went to Frys on Friday to check out their deals. Averi had fun pushing around her own little play shopping cart the whole time. Then she got stuck watching the Grinch movie that was playing on one of their demo flat screens. She was pretty upset when we actually had to drag her out of the store.

We took Averi hiking on Saturday.

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M&M said...

Sounds like a great holiday. . . especially since it was concluded with Black Friday shopping. We hit it pretty hard. Your hike looks SO fun!!!