Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Bowl / Glendale Glitters

Every year the city of Glendale hosts "Glendale Glitters" where the whole downtown area is decked out with christmas lights and live entertainment. On Saturday night we took Averi there and walked around for a bit. We saw a huge white wolf that was on display (meaning some guy had a rope tied to it and was standing just off the sidewalk so people could see him). He was gorgeous. Then we saw some river dancers (that all seemed to be doing their own dance to the same music) and took Averi to the petting zoo. There were tons of larger sized goats that were anything but shy so Averi was actually a little intimidated at first but overall had tons of fun as she always does at petting zoos. Then to finish off our night, we got a delicious bar of fudge from a vendor there and headed home.
Averi got to meet a turkey face-to-face :) Doug got spit on by an alpaca. haha!
 The REST of Thanksgiving weekend....
Here is Doug attempting to put our Christmas lights up on the very top of the house. It didn't really work out so we just put them on the bottom roof and around the windows. Looks so cute!
Here is Averi "helping":
Thanksgiving morning Doug played in the "Turkey Bowl" with a bunch of guys from our ward. It was at the park right across the street (like last year) so that was nice because the kids were able to play on the playground while the boys played football.
It was pretty chilly that morning so Averi was content all bundled up in the swing most of the time (she is finally able to get some use out of the coat I used when I was her it!).
 Daddy and his little cheerleader walking home from the big game.

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M&M said...

That Glendale Glitters sounds like such a fun tradition! I LOVE that Averi gets to wear that coat now. . . I totally remember it. You will have to put up some picks of the finished Christmas light product!