Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sea World San Diego!

Since Doug and I didn't go home for Christmas this year (tear), we decided to take a quick trip to visit our marine friends at Sea World instead. The third time was a charm for us since we had tried to plan this trip two other times but it never worked out. It was worth the wait and all three of us had tons of fun. We went for two days and went to Sea World on both of them so that we could see everything there and not feel rushed. Lucky for us, Doug's brother Bart lives near San Diego and he let us stay with him while we were there. It was nice catching up with him and getting to see his sweet house right off the beach!

Averi and I waiting for our first show... dolphins!
 Averi LOVED the show and she actually loved the "princess" about as much as she did the dolphins.
 Us with Bart and his giant Shamu, which Averi loved.
Averi giving her baby a ride on Shamu
 I loved how everything at the park was so decked out for Christmas. So pretty!
 Averi going for a "ride" in Santa's sleigh
Checking out Santa's reindeer
 Averi is mostly over her fear of Santa now I think (who she also got to see while we were there). She will now go to him somewhat willingly. She has yet to actually smile at/with him but oh well. I love this picture anyways. SO cute.
 Averi in the cage with the polar bears (not really but doesn't it look like it?)
Looking at a beluga whale
 The shark tunnel with Daddy
She had a blast at the Sesame Street Play place too.

 This is about as close as she would willingly get to the giant Elmo...not that I blame her! She wouldnt take her eyes off of him either (as you can see!)
She actually had a lot of fun on the rides that we thought for sure she would be scared of. Here she is on the flying Elmo with Doug.
That was all the fun she could handle! Out like a light.

Oh,... I have to also mention that Averi is now fully potty trained! I havent changed a diaper for almost a month now and it's great. The only down side is that she will only go in HER potty for the time being which means I get to take her bulky little potty with me just about everywhere I go... including Sea World :) I tried to suggest that she go in the normal toilet there which apparently was REALLY offensive to her.

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M&M said...

OK. I'm SO jealous!!!! That seriously looks like such a fun trip!!!! Makes me want to take Kenley there so bad. We seriously have to plan the girls first Disney trip together. Wouldn't that be so fun!?!