Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First day of Pre-school / Visit from Porters!



Some friends and I have decided to take turns hosting  a preschool session once a week as of January. We have loved it so far and I think Averi has too. There are about 8 kids in the class and of course Averi is the only girl :(   Her first day was a little rough (for me probably more than her). Once she realized that I was leaving her at a house she had never been before she started to cry. It was so sad for me because she usually has no problem with things like that (after the first time anyway). By the time I actually left, though, she was fine and pretty content. While she was there I went and got her a very girlie Hello Kitty backpack so as not to get confused with all those Cars and Buzz Light Year backpacks! She also got a set of Eric Carle books and a sucker for being so brave :)

Here she is walking home from school. On the first day it was at a house just down the street. 

I was SO lucky that my sisters family had a wedding to go to in Mesa a couple weeks ago! They stayed  with us for 3 nights and there was never a dull moment. Averi loved getting re-acquainted with everyone and of course loved all the attention she got too :)

 While Jody, Brett, and Brooke were at the wedding festivities all day on Saturday, the rest of us kept busy by checking out some shops, playing Frisbee, eating out at Panda Express, and since they were so in love with Goodyear's most famous tourist attraction (or detraction?) the "giant baby" we had to pay it a visit :)

 This was probably Averi's favorite part of their visit... getting pulled around the house (and brought down the stairs after waking up) like a princess.

They brought TONS of awesome stuff for all of us which was just an added bonus to their company! Here we all are checking out some of the cool stuff they brought Averi. 
They even brought Sophie a new outfit which she loves! okay maybe she actually hates it but we sure loved watching her wear it! So funny!
Here are the CRAZIES after doing the polar bear plunge! They swam across the length of the pool in freezing cold water and the outside temp was prob in the I said, they are crazy! 
 Brooke and Brenna taught her how to play London Bridge. I seem to get a lot of shots of her almost naked. I guess she just looks cuter that way :)


M&M said...

Averi looks SO SO cute on her first day of school!!!! I need to be more creative in Kenley's hair styles. I LOVE the backpack. She looks so big. And what can be better than a visit from the Porters? Looks like a blast!!!

Candice said...

I can't believe how big she is now! So cute.