Sunday, August 12, 2012

Visit from Uncle Matt

Dougs brother Matt was in town for work so we met up with him for dinner downtown. It was super fun to see him again and to catch up. We ate at the TGIFridays that is part of Chase field so we had a fabulous view of the gorgeous field. Averi was pretty silent the whole time of course and wouldn't talk to him. After we left, however, she kept talking about how she "saw Uncle Matt yesterday".

No this picture was not meant to look like a Chevy ad :)
 Kadence has been enjoying her hand-me-down excersaucer lately. I love watching her play with toys. My favorite, though, is when I see her in the rear-view mirror and all I can see is her two tiny hands reaching up for her toy frog hanging from the car-seat handle. Cute little bug!

 I have tried to feed her rice cereal and she is really interested (she tries to grab the spoon from me and shove it into her mouth herself). Her toungue still thrusts it right back out though so it justs ends up being a huge mess and she hardly gets eny down her throat. She enjoys it though, as you can see from the pic :)
 Averi had quite the fun day on Saturday. After coming with me to play volleyball at the church we went to my friend Shalise's house to fulfill my dog-sitting duties (just for the weekend while they are out of town). She loves coming with me because she has 3 tiny little dogs that are just her size! Then we went to a birthday party in Phoenix of her friend Soren's. It was at Jambo amusement park for kids. She had a blast with Ezra going from ride to ride. They rode on the flying elephants, the swings, the train, and surprisingly they had the attention span to play mini golf for quite a while too. They were feeling pretty independent since they were able to go on all the rides themself with only the help of the staff member. Since Ezra's parents weren't there, I think Ezra was feeling a little reserved at first. But Averi would grab hold of his hand and drag him to whichever ride they had their eye on at the time. They were getting on the train when I happened to see that Averi put Ezra's seat belt on, then her own. She is such a little mother... or maybe wife :) I am lame and forgot to take the camera but I did get this shot of her conked out on her bed right when we got home. Face down on her pillow at the foot of the bed. Wierdo.

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Whitney said...

Definitely wife material! Her and Ezra were made for eachother because he sleeps upside down in his bed too! Funny...they are both wierdos!