Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Averi!

So this post is a week late but c'mon...who has time to blog when the Olympics are on?! I love it!

Anyways, Averi's birthday party last weekend was so much fun. We kept it low key and just had a BBQ with friends at the pool. Most of Averi's friends were able to come (with their families) and they all had fun swimming and eating.
Averi enjoying her cake. I just got it from Costco but it was SOOO yummy!

 We decided since Averi already has so many toys that we were going to do a "no gifts" party and just accept donations on behalf of Los Ninos Childrens Hospital. Well, some people are just too nice and can't help but to bring a gift so Averi lucked out ;) She is a great gift-opener. She always gives a very satisfying response. Here she is giving her "I can't believe it. I have always wanted one of these!" face.

We were able to get quite a stash together to take to the hospital and the staff was really appreciative. Thank you to all of our friends that donated!
Kadence was a good girl during the party. And by "good girl" I mean she slept most of the time. Then she woke up and partied with us for a bit. Then here she is again konked out on the couch. Yep she is still a thumb sucker.  When I put her to bed every night, I rock her and feed her. Then when she is done eating, her thumb goes right in her mouth and she's out like a light! I love love love it!
 Sunday was her actual birthday so we had some more left-over cake and opened her presents from the family. My parents sent her this gorgeous painting of Christ. It is seriously so beautiful and precious. Averi will cherish it forever, I'm sure.
Cousin Kenley sent her some princess lip glosses which she dove right in to. She puts them on about 10 times a day. :) She also gave her a super fun sticker activity book and Strawberry Shortcake movie.

She also got an adorable dress from Nammy and Papa along with a super cute doll. She got books, squinkies, and a mini kids computer thing (we call it her iPad) from Doug and me. Grandma and Grandpa also gave her tons of fun bath toys. She never wants to gets out of the bath now...which is quite the contrast from her never wanting to get in!
Just the cutest picture of Kadence enjoying Averi's special day. :) She is so smiley, I love it. I always just wanna eat her up!

Some noteworthy facts about Averi:

She LOVEs to sing and dance. Sometimes she will be doing her own thing and will just start singing while she is playing or while sitting in the car. Lately she usually sings Twinkle Twinkle or I am a Child of God. She also will prance around the house at least once a day and just sing/dance and be crazy. She is pretty shy in general but at times she thoroughly enjoys it when all eyes are on her.

She speaks well but enjoys making up her own words and occasionally her own entire language. Example: (at the pool playing pretend)
Averi: Mommy I'm making you some juice!
Me: Oh yummy, what kind of juice?
Averi: It's Pete juice!
Another Example: (at home doing nothing in particular)
Averi: Mommy, I have a great idea!
Me: You do? What is it?
Averi: Cada sigh dee donna seedu beet!
It is so funny because it sounds like she should be making sense but she definately is not!

She says "crum" instead of "from".

Says "Kay-nence" instead of "Kadence". Sometimes I even find myself calling her that since I hear Averi saying it all day long.

Says "Duh-got" instead of "forgot".

If I ask her if she is something in particular (like a dog, a boy or just cute or something), she will say, "I not a doggie, I a good girl!"

Anything past-tense to her happened "yesterday". She will occasionally tell me that Kadence came out of my tummy yesterday.

Anything future tense will happen "next time". When she sees kids swimming at the pool across the street, she will say "Mommy, I wanna go swimming next time". It makes it pretty easy because I can always reply with "Okay! Let's go swimmming next time!"

Averi is a pretty picky eater. The only vegetable she will eat are tomatoes and occasionally cucumbers. Her favorite foods are tomatoes, applesauce (which she calls "ah-paws"), frozen go-gurts (which we call "yogurt-pops". I think it makes her like them more because she associates them with otter-pops), mac and cheese, chicken, and spaghetti.

Averi is a great big sis to Kadence and always likes to give her toys to play with and make her happy. She always gets excited when Kadence smiles at her. So fun. They will be great play mates pretty soon!

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M&M said...

What a fun party! You make me feel guilty collecting all those items for the hospital. I love Averi's haircut! I need to get Kenley's done. And that picture of Kadence smiling is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! So far Rix is a very serious guy but I hope that changes.