Saturday, July 21, 2012

Josue and more!

Josue was a fifteen year old boy when Doug taught him about the church on his mission in Brazil. He has since been baptized as well as his whole family. He now serves in the bishopric in his ward in Brazil. He came to the states to visit a friend in Idaho last week and flew home through phoenix. Luckily for Doug, he missed his connecting flight so he stayed with us last Friday night. It was really amazing to meet him and for Doug to see him again after all these years. He is about the nicest guy I've ever met and such a great example. Hopefully one day we will be able to see him again in HIS home town!

 Averi holding Meiko. Meiko is really thrilled about this if you can't tell.
 Averi has learned how to use scissors reently and had since become obsessed with cutting paper. She will make one cut with the scissors and then put them down and rip the paper where she made the cut. I finally went and at least bought her some "pre-school" scissors that aren't so threatening. Averi is really quite obedient and wouldn't cut anything that she knew she wasn't supposed to (knock on wood!). But the other day she woke up really early and came into my room. I wanted to keep sleeping so I told her to go play with her scissors (great parenting, huh?!) and that she could get some paper out of the printer. When I came downstairs, this is what I found:
Hey, I told her to do it so I guess I can't be mad :)

With monsoon season upon us we have had some good wind lately. The other day we busted out the kite I got for Averi's birthday and we flew it just outside our house. The neighbor kids loved our barbie kite and Doug loved showing it off. :)

 Averi was really interested for the first five minutes or so. :)
 Kadence is becoming a little more social every day. She is learning to "play" with her toys more lately and it is so fun to watch. Of course she will only self-entertain for about five minutes and then she absolutely HAS to be held or the world as she knows it will surely end.
 Averi had a play date with her friend Tommy the other day. He has a baby sister too so consequently Kadence had her first play date too. They had the time of their lives as you can see! :)


M&M said...

That is so awesome that Doug got to see Josue! Such an awesome story. And it looks like I should be happy that Kenley hasn't mastered the art of using scissors yet. :) And being held must be a 2nd child thing. Kenley wasn't much of a snuggler as a baby but Rix has been since birth. It is both good and bad I guess. I wish we could see each other and start Averi and Rix's friendship!

Katie R said...

Randi- This is Katie Rice (or Oakes). I have a question for you and I didn't have your email address. My sis is getting married in Mesa in Oct and needs a photographer. Do you know anyone into photography? Any great ideas? I think she is not wanting a super professional because she doesn't want to pay super-pro prices. My email is if you have any ideas ... or if you don't. :)

Crystal said...

I love that picture of Lily and Kadence. They are so cute with their little head bows!