Thursday, July 12, 2012

Look Who's Rolling Over!

Kadence rolled over for the first time on Tuesday (4 months 1 day old). Ever since then she can't stop showing off her newfound skill and is rolling over constantly. Then she whines until I flip her back over or pick her up. She just loves the challenge I guess!
I happened to see her trying to do it the first time so I got some progression pictures:

...a little help??...
 Ta da!!
 Piece of cake!

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M&M said...

Yay Kadence!!!!! That is so awesome that you were able to capture her progress! Your 4th of July looks SO fun too. The girls are darling in their outfits from Kristy. And we were super jealous when we saw the picture of Averi and Kadence snuggling on the couch. Kenley has treated Rix the same way she treated Averi so he has spent most of his life in our arms or up on countertops. She seems to be getting better this past week though so fingers crossed!