Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July we went to our friends the Saraiva's house and celebrated Ezra's birthday as well as our country's independence. We played water games (even though it rained all day and was unseasonably cold for Phoenix), ate yummy food, and lit some fireworks. It was super fun to get together with friends and just play!
Averi looking all festive wearing the outfit Aunt Kristy gave her.
Here is Kadence in her onsie that she got from Kristy as well. As I have mentioned before, Kadence loves to be held and generally hates any alternatives. She demonstrates it below. The two pictures are taken seconds apart. :)

 Of course when the water balloon fight broke out, Doug was right there in the middle of it. Not sure what he is doing in this pic!

 Kadence tends to look like this a lot... annoyed??
 Averi with her sparkler. She had fun but unfortunately her tummy started hurting so we left a little early. Turns out she had a stomach bug that gave her a fever for 2 days. Pretty much over it now though, yay!
 Here's a pic of Kadence hanging out with her best friend, the vacuum. Sometimes if she is particularly grumpy and won't stop crying, I will put her in her swing and turn on the vacuum next to her. Averi hates it and runs to the other room but aparently it is just music to Kadence's ears because it always calms her down and usually lulls her to sleep :)

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