Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cute Babies

Just had to post come pics of the cutest girls ever! :)
Averi is in a really great phase lately where we hardly ever have meltdowns or tantrums. It is a nice change of pace from a few months ago. She also goes to bed with no problems now and she is generally really obedient. She is hilarious too. For instance, right at this moment, she is prancing around with her purse, and telling us that she is going to "patience school". I have no idea where she comes up with her big ideas. When she is playing, she will often exclaim "OKAY! This is my special job!" (refferring to nothing in particular). What a goof.
Here is a candid photo shoot of the cutest baby in town. Kadence is not so much obedient as she is naughty. :) Her cuteness MORE than makes up for  it though. She gives out smiles pretty freely too so that is super fun. I just wanna squish those chunky baby thighs!

PS- Kadence is proud to announce that she can sit up on her own now! :)

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M&M said...

Kadence is SOOOOO cute!!! And I'm super jealous that Averi is so well behaved. I can't even imagine!