Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mount Humphreys / Adorable Baby

 Kadence has really come a long way in the past couple of weeks. First of all, after a few LONG days of additional fussiness and crying, she now has two pearly white teeth!! She is also not afraid to use them if you get your hands near her mouth. She is much better at eating solids now and loves to do so. She still, however, generally prefers her bottle and her thumb! Kadence maintains her sassy demeanor and will whine and bawl around until she is picked up (no tears... all for attention). Once she is being held, she is all smiles and cute as ever. Even though she is usually being held, she somehow has almost learned to crawl (goes through the motions, but no forward progress yet) and just learned how to get herself into a sitting position. Since she demands a lot of my time and energy, I have had to get creative about getting anything accomplished. To feed her, I make a bottle and lay her down on my bobby pillow, wrap a blanket around her neck/chest to prop the bottle up and then if she is particularly restless, I will put a show on to keep her entertained until she is done. When she is done with her bottle, she spits it to the side and then I usually find her goofing off like so:

 When I get Kadence out of bed or if she is tired (or just in an otherwise cuddly mood), she always uses she same form. Her left hand grips the collar of my shirt,  
 and her right hand grabs my shirt from the back while sucking on her thumb.
 And this is just her cute chubby face.
I just thought this was kind of a funny picture... you know you have young kids when your loaded dishwasher is this colorful!

Averi and Kadence continue to be little buddies. Averi loves to help out and whenever Kadence cries, she will go try to entertain her or give her a toy to keep her happy. Sometimes in the car she can even give her a bottle which is SO nice since she cries a lot while driving. Doesn't she sound like a joy to be around? Haha! She really is though...I just love her to pieces.
Doug has recently gotten the new calling as Boy Scout Master. He already went on his first camp out / hike to Mount Humphreys. They slept one night and then went on an 9 mile hike straight up to the highest peak in Arizona.
He had a blast but I was glad to have him back :)


M&M said...

Oh my gosh Kadence is SO cute! And it is only fair that you don't get 2 perfect babies. Rix loves to be held too and is actually behind Kenley in milestones because I never set him on the floor!

Ami said...

I am stalking your blog!! Very cute pics. Now you need to put up the pics from the Halloween party!