Friday, November 2, 2012

Half Marathon

So since this second child of mine came into the world, I have been trying to stay motivated to get back in shape (or I guess just maybe GET in shape). The only way that came to mind was to pre pay for a half marathon that was to take place in 7 weeks. Well, those 7 weeks were up last weekend and on Saturday I ran my first half marathon. The race took place in South Mountain Park which consequently meant that the race was quite mountainous. Of course I didn't train for hills so needless to say my legs were dead by the end but all went well and it really wasn't that bad. Along the path I saw a few of these "Slow" cautionary signs. Of course they were meant for people in cars, but at the time it felt more like an accusation. Yes I was very slow...but I never stopped running...and I finished! So I guess I can call it a success :)

This is pretty much what the run looked like:

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Clarissa and Darrin said...

Awesome! Great job, that is truly amazing!