Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dogs and more dogs

So I signed up online a while back to be a host for a dog-sitting website. I didn't really think much would come of it but a few weeks later, I got a "job". Two shih-tzus needed a place to stay for 4 days over the Thanksgiving weekend. Coincidentally, I dog-sat a friend's new puppy over the holiday as well. It all went down fairly smoothly and of course Averi was loving it! She would always tell the dogs "oh, you are such a cute little puppeeeee" while scratching their necks and petting their backs. She is obsessed with animals :)
Here are the kiddos with Tinkerbell and Kenai at the park. They were pretty good little pups overall, and were surprisingly tolerable of the kids.
 Averi surrounded by dogs on the porch...her personal heaven!
 Kadence quite enjoyed towering over the dogs while they were in the kennel too :)
Cute lil pup

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M&M said...

I can't believe you actually took on MORE dogs. I guess you must have made up with Sophie. I've never heard of signing up for something like that. Super cool!