Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 Thanksgiving morning me and the girls went across the street to watch Doug play (or should I say star) in Turkey Bowl 2012! It was fun as always getting to watch the game, mingle with friends, and play on the playground.

Dinner commenced at about 2pm.
 The only think Averi would eat was the corn and a roll. And I was left to eat all of the sweet potatoes and raspberry salad on my own :) The more, the better, in my opinion! YUM!
Here is Kadence finishing off the left-overs. Okay... maybe just bits of a roll.
here's a bit of roll stuck to her face to prove it :)

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M&M said...

Look at you Blog Queen!!! And did you make all that food yourself? I'm impressed! I want to hear about this raspberry salad. . . sounds amazing! That last picture of Kadence is SO cute! Also, I'm super impressed that Averi can still wear her Happy Green Bee stuff. Super cute!