Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nammy and Papa!

We were so lucky to have a visit from Doug's parents for the week of Halloween. We had SOOO much fun with them...especially Averi!! Surprisingly Kadence warmed right up to them both as well.
Here is Averi "riding" Nammy like a horse. She was so wound up that I guess she just didn't know what else to do!
Shortly after thier arrival, we took them up to Estrella Mountain Park to feed the ducks. Then we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. Averi was in heaven with nearly a free reign of the candy bars and mallows. Kadence enjoyed a graham cracker or two :)

The next day Papa helped Doug at work while Nammy and the girls and I went to the pumpkin patch. We all had fun but Averi was pretty tired (too excited to nap the day before) so she was pretty whiny and dismal for a lot of it. The look on her face in this picture pretty much sums it up:

She did, however, go crazy for the animals, which was no surprise at all. They had a full petting zoo with goats, pomies, ducks, chickens, bunnies, piglets, etc. She was loving it!
I thought these pictures of her were so cute. She was just playing in this little childrens barn which she loved last year too.
Averi was a little too tired to enjoy this much but there was this huge trampoline-type thing that the kids could jump on. It was super fun.
There were also big pens full of dried corn to play in. Averi loved this last year too. Here she is being a goof and sticking her whole face straight in it. Wierdo.
The next day Averi had her school Halloween party. They got to dress up at school so Averi was loving it. This is her and her friend Caleb who went as a caterpillar:
Probably Averi's favorite part of their stay (and mine) was when we went to the Wild Life Zoo. Averi would be perfectly content to live at the zoo, or at least go there every day. Since it was the day before Halloween, she got to wear her costume yet again.
Here she is on the scenic train with Papa. They have such a sweet relationship.
 Averi enjoyed "bird-watching" with her toy binoculars that they brought for her. You couldn't see through them too well but you would never guess that by this picture, would you?
 Baby Kadence with Daddy. Lucky for us she slept a lot of the time so I guess we could say that she enjoyed the zoo as well. PS...this is how she sits when you hold her. She leans back on your arm with all the dead weight she can muster until usually we finally give up and end up holding her under one arm like a football
What a beautiful baby girl! Love her to bits!
 Averi spotting the white of her favorites.

 Daddy's little bumble bee
That zoo also has a very elaborate aquarium which we spent a lot of time in as well. So relaxing looking at al the fish. (and a hawk...which we still have no idea why it was living with the fish, despite asking the young girl working at the exibit. It was actually quite hilarious.)

 What a fun week!!! Thanks for coming Nammy and Papa. We miss you already!

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M&M said...

What a fun visit! I love those lace tights and french braids!!! And that close up of Kadence is too darling. I'm just dying to see you guys!!!