Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Proudfoot Visit 2013

 We were blessed once again with a visit from my sister Maria and her two adorable kids last month, one of whom was Baby Rix who I had never met! It was fun getting to know him ... he is such a sweetheart. We had SOOO much fun with them as usual and were sad to see them go. Our week with them was filled with all sorts of fun things, such as:
Taking Averi and Kenley to open gym. I have a punch card that gets me in 10 times. However, since I couldn't find it, we were forced to sneak in. Haha! They had a blast and didn't want to leave when our hour was up.

Took the kids to McDonalds a couple of times to eat and play. Kadence enjoyed the eating part :)

 Of course we went to the Outlets at Anthem! Doug was so kind as to offer to watch the older girls while we took the babies. I was actually pretty nervous about how Kadence would do, but she ended up being really good and took a couple cat naps so that was good! Rix was a good little thing as well. Here is Kadence conked out with her foot propped up in the stroller.
 Here is Kadence having a chat with Baby Rix. They rode in the same stroller so she felt pretty cool towards the end when I took her buckle off and she could stand up and look at him.
 The girls just had to get their nails done! Okay it was me and Maria's idea, but they got their fingers and toes painted and loved all the attention!

 We went to a spring training game at the Goodyear Ballpark. The weather was great, and we had tons of fun relaxing in the sun but I cant say that either of us know who won. :) (did I even know who was playing??)

 They had some games for kids to do so Maria took them to play while I watched the babies for a bit.
Maria and I wanted to try out a sushi place that was featured on Shark Tank so we met up with her friend Heather that lives in the East Valley. We had lunch while the kids ate and played. Then we went to this really cool restoration store down the street called Sweet Salvage. It was amazing, and Heather got some cool stuff too.

Averi and Kenley after church. This picture captures their relationship pretty well. They usually love each other but not always at the same time!
 Beautiful Kadence and sweet Baby Rix after church. They are both just so cute!
 A and K did a lot of "just playing around".
 Playing toss with a bean bag. They actually stayed interested in this game for quite a while.
 We cant wait till the next time! Hopefully this summer I can spend a week or two in Utah / Idaho so I guess I can at least have that to look forward to :)

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M&M said...

Oh my gosh that was such a fun visit!!! We miss you guys so much. Thanks for being the best hosts!