Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kadence turns one!

I can't believe we have had this cute little bug for a year. What did we ever do without her?! We love her SO much! To celebrate, we had some of her little friends (and families) over for a bbq dinner and cake. Since her birthday was so close to Easter, we had an Easter theme and the kids got to hunt for eggs outside after dinner. Low-key but super fun, and cute to see the tiny tots play :)
The adorable birthday girl
 Kadence and her friend Cassidy watching their older siblings play outside
"One day, Cassidy, that's gonna be you and me running around out there"
"What? Am I not supposed to eat this dead flower or something?"
K crawling around under the tables
 Kadence playing with toys with some of her bday guests
 Enjoying some of the presents she received
Thank you to all of her friends that came for celebrating with us and for the cute gifts you gave her! She really did have fun besides the cake part. Not a big fan of cake I guess...dont know how she can be MY kid if she doesn't like cake!

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M&M said...

Such a fun party! I love the Easter theme. And not liking cake. . . now I'm worried about her! :) We sure love her!