Friday, June 14, 2013

Preschool Graduation

  Averi had her last day of preschool in May, and along with that came their preschool graduation program. They (meaning all/most of the kids BUT Averi) sang some cute songs with actions (think "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed") and we got to watch a video recap of their year at preschool. I know Averi enjoyed going to preschool but she definitely didn't manifest that at the program. She would have preferred to sit on the stairs behind everyone, and she pretty much refused to speak. But who could blame her, it was a pretty big audience :)

Here is Averi dancing with Doug after the program. That was one thing I loved about her preschool is that Mrs. Sterr (her teacher) always had music to dance to when they were done with everything else.
Averi and Kadence looking through her end-of-the-year scrap book that Mrs. Sterr made for her. SO cute!
 Kadence is not so good at the whole "sitting still and being quiet" thing so she stayed entertained by wandering around, playing with keys, and trying to get into other people's bags.
 Snack time! ~Thanks for a great year Mrs. Sterr!

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M&M said...

Such a cute graduation! I love that she made scrapbooks for each of the kids and that she would let the kids dance each day. Congrats Averi!