Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer is under way...

Now that we are well into June, it is too hot most of the time to hang out outside unless you are submerged in water or at least partially wet. However, back in May we had a few really nice weekends when we were able to get together with friends at the park. One weekend we had a big pot luck dinner at the park with a few other families and played some killer sand volleyball. :) 
Here are the kiddos playing in the sand 
 Kadence sporting her official picnic shirt... yes she does love watermelon!
With 113 degree days already behind us, I'm afraid there is no turning back now! Welcome sweaty car-rides, high a/c bills, and LOTS of swimming!

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M&M said...

A potluck with friends sounds so fun! We are lame and super unsocial. The girls are so cute.