Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Look who's walking!

Kadence actually took her first steps around 13 months. She took 9 steps in church (in tights on the slippery gym floor) over 3 weeks ago But it wasn't until recently that she has actually used walking as a main mode of transportation. She still crawls about half the time but she is getting more and more confident in her walking skills and it is SO cute! :)
A few weeks ago we camped out in the yard in a tent. Averi walked all over the yard with Kadence trying to get her to walk.
 Kadence has also become quite the climber and thinks she is pretty cool in this pic when she climbed up on the chair.


Hedgecocks said...

Cassidy wants to go walking with her soon!

M&M said...

Oh she just looks so cute walking around! We are thrilled that Baby Rix is pretty much crawling now. We operate on a totally different level of expectations around here. :)