Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Averi recently completed her swimming lessons for this summer. She liked it a lot more than last year since she is now more confident in the water... maybe a little too confident! She did really well and progressed a ton. However her teacher commented on how stubborn she can be. :) She would sometimes do what she was asked, but sometimes when she was tapped on the head to come up and take a breath, she decided it would be much easier just to swim faster so she could make it to the wall. That girl can hold her breath for so long!
 I think she is trying to tread water in this pic :) On her 2nd day of lessons she randomly threw up all over in the swimming pool. I'm talking chunks everywhere! So sick. Poor Kimber jumped out to get the net and got out as much as she could then had to vacuum the rest. We think she must have just swallowed too much water/air or something because she never got sick. I feel bad for the class the went right after us! Haha!
 Practicing her skills in the community pool. I took her out one day to specifically practice just jumping into the pool. She saw me dive in one day, and apparently decided that she could dive too and would do that instead of jump from then on. Then, at swimming lessons the next day, she was supposed to jump off a 3 foot wall through an inner tube "like a pencil". She decided to go head first and gave all of us parents quite a scare when she almost bounced off into the wall. Crazy girl has no fear. She was asked to do it a second time and did the SAME thing. I literally had to DROP her into the tube to show her what she was supposed to do.
Here she is jumping in. She was supposed to jump in (not at Kimber), come up for a breath, then swim to the edge. Not the best listener, but she CAN do it, and I guess that's the important part. :)
Here is Kadence enjoying the show. She loved exploring the yard and stealing kids' rings when they put them on the edge.


Hedgecocks said...

I hope Kaige is as successful at swimming this year. Super cute girl!

M&M said...

Mom was telling me about her swimming skills. . . seriously amazing! She is just so dang athletic!