Thursday, July 4, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

 I had to make a last minute trip to Fry's to get some things. Averi loves going there because they have these carts with "cars" attached that the kids can drive. Each girlie got their own steering wheel! It was Kadence's first time in one and she thought she was pretty special.
 We had a pool party / BBQ at our friends the Moffit's house with a few of our other friends. It has become a tradition now since we have done it the the past two years. Love it! They have an awesome backyard and a gorgeous pool so it's always fun to hang out outside over there.
The party was during Kadence's nap time so I tried putting her down at their house and that lasted about ten minutes! She didn't want to miss out on the fun. Here she is chowing down on some watermelon.
 Averi spend the whole three hours in the pool with a 15 minute break to eat some dinner. That girl is part fish! She would swim all day if I let her.

A shot of the girls before we left:
 These pictures demonstrate their relationship pretty well. Kadence loves Averi and tries hard just to get some attention from her. Usually Averi just gets annoyed and pushes her away but they are getting better every day.

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