Thursday, July 4, 2013

Community Pool Party

 Each year our FHA puts on a community pool party and this year was no different. They are always really fun. They have free lunch fresh off the grill, a huge inflatable water slide (on the grass outside the pool area), a face painter/balloon master, giveaways for the kids, and a raffle for the adults. We won a free beach towel in the raffle, and we waited in line for almost an hour for Averi to get her face painted and to get a balloon. It was actually pretty ridiculous. Face painters are supposed to come to INdoor parties in Phoenix. It was so hot! Averi wasn't even that excited about it and said she didn't want to do it when we got close to the front. But by that time, I wasn't about to give away my spot in line after 40 minutes to standing there in the HOT sun. So she finally got her face painted and got a balloon shaped like a flower. Of course she rubbed her cheek almost immediately and smeared the rainbow he had painted, then her balloon touched the hot ground and some of the pedals popped! So much for that! This is how she felt by the end of all  that:
But the second she got in the water she was all smiles :)

I wasn't going to let Kadence get in the pool so she didn't even have her swim suit on. But once she saw the water, there was no stopping her. I finally gave in and let her get in the pool with her clothes on. She was in heaven!! She would stand on the edge and start giggling as she stepped off into the water. I would catch her and then we would do that over and over again.

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