Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer in PHX

 Since it is SO sweltering hot nowadays, we are staying indoors a little more. Averi loves to draw and write (now that she realizes she can). She actually has a pretty short attention span for coloring, but she can write for quite a while and still enjoy it.

Practicing letters and drawing houses :)

The girls had their "bath" outside in the kiddie pool a couple times.

 Trip to Cabella's with friends. The kids loved looking at all the animals.

 Averi and her good friend McKenna playing in the kiddie pool. I LOVE having her over to play with Averi because they can play for hours and not even bug me :) It doesn't get much cuter than these two!
 Kadence gets frustrated eating certain things (like rice, in this picture) and just puts her face right in it and tries to eat it like a dog. Love that silly baby!
 She saw me mopping the floor so she took it upon herself to find a wipe and start "helping me". So considerate :)
 I have been playing in a volleyball league the past couple months...Here we are: league tournament champions!

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