Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4th of July 2013

This year for the fourth of July we were invited by some friends to meet up at the church for food and games. Averi had SO much fun since two of her best friends were there (McKenna and Elliana).

The three musketeers
 They had so much fun just running around being crazy. They were so cute and would just make up their own games... their favorite game was pretty much just them taking turns playing fetch with a ball :)
 Kadence thought she was in on the action. The kids would all run together to one side of the gym, and then a minute later, Kadence would come trickling over (meanwhile, the kids would have already run to the other side again).  She was so pleased with herself anyways!
 This is when she got caught rummaging through my friends bag. I love the look on her face!
 Eating a cup. 
It will be a miracle if she ever outgrows the whole putting-everything-in-her-mouth phase!!
 A not-so-legitimate game of kick ball :)
 Kadence stealing someone's thermos
 The kids took a break from all the craziness and watched a movie for a little bit until the fireworks were about to start. They didn't even complain about kinks in their necks!
After all the indoor fun, we got to go out on the lawn of the church and watch the fireworks at the  Goodyear Ballpark. Kadence was totally exhausted by then and missed out on most of them but I don't think she cared!
 A great way to celebrate our country's independence!


M&M said...

Sounds like such a fun celebration with friends. I LOVE Kadence getting caught digging through bags. Such a hilarious girl.

Ami said...

Glad you documented this! I even made it in a pic! haha