Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas Day!

Santa brought a LOT of fun stuff!

As expected, Averi woke up first at around 7am. We made her wait a little bit (to see if K would wak up) and then finally let her go downstairs to see what Santa brought. The big items were a BIG pink barbie doll house and a BIG princess Twilight Sparkles pony that sings.
This house makes all kinds of cool sound effects and has real lights on the porch!
Kadence woke up around 8am and came downstairs to join us. Doug made us all his famous homemade doughnuts; a skill he picked up as Scout Master. This is a new tradition as of this year, and so far we all love it.
I got to make the glaze :)
Santa brought Kadence a Poppity-pop Musical Dino and a baby Pinkie Pie Pony.
The girls opening their stockings.

They both got matching dresses like this from Grandma H
Doug stoked about his new multi-function camping radio from the Proudfoots
Kadence eating her tambourine

My new running shoes from Grandma and Grandpa H
Kadence modeling her new Hello Kitty (or as she says: "Ah-wah Kitty") shoes and plush toy from G & G Hendricks
Averi ecstatic over her new pony castle from Nammy and Papa
Doug showing K her new Minnie Mouse toy from Nammy and Papa

Kadence enjoying her new Musical Dino
Since we had been inside all day, we decided we wanted to go OUT for dinner. We soon found out that almost all restaurants are closed for Christmas evening. It makes sense I guess, we just didn't think of it. Anyways, we finally found that Arriba's was open so we decided that Mexican food sounded great! 
I had to put them in their new dresses! :)
I definitely couldn't have asked for cuter girls!
Another memorable and sweet Christmas with the greatest family a girl could ask for!

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