Monday, February 3, 2014

Dancing Queen

Averi started taking dance lessons in the Summer and has LOVED it! This is her and Doug on her very first day. She was a little nervous. The first time around we didn't go with any friends so she didn't know anyone in her class. She did great, though! She walked right in and did everything she was supposed to. She tried not to smile on her way out of class but I could tell she had fun.:)
 Like I said... She was a little nervous:

 The next session she had two friends (Austen and McKenna) that wanted to join the fun. She LOVED having some familiar faces in there with her.
Watching how it's done:
 Waiting to receive a sticker at the end of class.
The Ballet/Jazz class was full at the new year (we were too late signing the girls up) so we switched them to Ballet/Tap. She gets to wear cute little black TAP shoes! She always tells me to "look at her feet" when she is dancing for me at home so I figured Tap would be perfect for her :)
Avers and Kennas - BFFS
 Cute little tappers getting the "Intro to Tap" speech by spunky Mr. Roberts
 And I just had to throw in a darling shot of Kadence. We went to the store one day and she insisted on taking all three of her babies. This is her in baby heaven:
Love my girly girls!

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