Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Visit to the ER

Little Miss Averi developed a UTI shortly after swim lessons and was put on some antibiotics. They seemed to do the trick and her burning went away. She seemed to have made a quick and full recovery. Two or three weeks later, however, she started throwing up. She complained of her stomach hurting and threw up a few times so I figured it was a stomach bug. We kept her home the next day from church and I asked a guy in our ward (who's a pediatrician) what he thought of her symptoms. He thought it was the stomach flu since it was going around and said to give it a couple days. We dealt with it that night and the next day but Monday afternoon I decided to take her in to Urgent Care. The doc there thought it was likely a virus as well but we decided to check her for a UTI again just to make sure. Bingo! She tested positive. So they put her on antibiotics again and sent us home. They said that we would hear back from them within 48 hours regarding further test results.  The 48 hours went by and I hadn't heard back. Averi still had a fever of 103 so I called in to see if they had gotten results back. They hadn't heard anything but they asked how she was doing. When I told them what her temperature was, they told me to take her to the ER (what?!). So I made arrangements for Kadence since Doug was at work and I took Averi to Phoenix Children's. Averi was actually feeling okay aside from the fever so I felt pretty silly taking her to the ER but it's not like I would feel okay disobeying the doctor's orders. I tried to make it sound like a good thing that we were going to the hospital and told her how they have movies you can watch and how sometimes there are dogs there. She got pretty excited and kept accidently referring to the hospital as "the mall". When we got checked in they ran some tests on her, did some ultrasounds, and put in an IV. That was the only part I was a little worried about but she did awesome! The nurses were fantastic as well. One nurse brought out an iPad and helped her play games on it while the other two nurses put in the IV. Averi tried to look over and see what they were doing but nurse #1 would nonchalantly move the iPad over so she couldn't see. It was pretty awesome. She only whimpered a tiny bit right when they put the needle in but was easily distracted . She did great!
We spent two nights there while they gave her a strong dose of antibiotics via IV. She did throw up a little the first night, but by the second day she felt good and her fever was gone. It ended up being pretty much just a vacation for her since she was offered unlimited juice and soda (pushing the fluids), watched endless movies from her own reclining bed and personal TV, and was given numerous coloring books, crayons, stickers, puzzles, etc. She was basically in heaven. By the time she got home, however, she was totally exhausted and had a 5 hour nap (which was perfect because we went out to see fireworks that night for the 4th). It was a hard pill to swallow the next day when she realized she was going to have to start doing chores again.
Poor Averi fell asleep with her face in the throw-up bowl.
 In the ER getting ready to put the IV in
 Waiting to be admitted (with a snack, a new box of crayons, stickers, coloring book, and a smile!)
Getting ultrasounds
 Enjoying her own dine-in theater
What a brave and happy little girl I have. Love her to pieces!
That night we drove to a field across the street from the ballpark to see the fireworks.
Averi and doug sitting on the windshield. Kadence preferred the safety of her car seat.


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