Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Swimming Lessons 2014

This time around Averi got to have Kadence join her in her annual swim lessons. Averi did awesome and surprised her teacher with how well she could dive. So much so that we are considering diving lessons for next year. She is a total fish and oftentimes when we go swimming, people will come up to her and tell her what a good swimmer she is, ask her how old she is, and if she has had swim lessons. So, needless to say, she LOVED swim lessons!
Kadence screamed each time I handed her over to the teacher for her turn. She did her best to guilt me into quitting but I stood strong. I am glad I did because by her last two days she did much better and a couple times she even put her hands out for her teacher for her to take her. Then when she was done, she would smile and say "Mommy, I did it!". Melted my heart. Kadence learned how to kick to the wall and grab the edge. Then she would "monkey crawl" to the steps. She also liked to show off her monkey crawling skills on the dinner table (walking), on the side of the shopping cart, etc. "Mommy look, I monkey kwal!". So cute!

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