Monday, November 17, 2014

1st Stop: Salt Lake City

We stopped in Utah first!
We went to the DeGraw's friend's house to swim in their gorgeous pool and eat and play.
 Kadence looking adorable in a diaper and a popsicle

 Kadence and Averi enjoyed showing off their new skills from swim lessons
Kadence loved Matt and Deann's dogs Messi and Cooper.
 Then we hit up the lake and went wake boarding / tubing.
Averi even got on the tube with 3 other kids. The first time I had to go with her but then she was fine without me! Such a brave girl.
 I took a turn wake boarding and my legs were burning the whole time!
 We had a birthday party for all the July birthdays.

 Kadence warmed right up to Macy this time around.
 Everyone was wiped out by the time we made our next trek over to Boise. Luckily the kids were able to catch some z's on the drive... even Sophie.

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M&M said...

Looks like we are both playing catch up! You are a lot closer to being caught up than I am though. Good job!