Saturday, March 7, 2015

Next Stop: Boise!

The girls were already exhausted so they slept most of the drive to Boise
Averi always goes straight out to visit the animals
We went out to The Village at Meridian to eat and hang out. We loved watching the light show at the fountain and the girls got super hyper and were running around like crazy at the play area.
Doug had to get in on the action on the playground
Kadence LOVED the jewelry store!
...and of course no trip to Grandma and Grandpa's is complete without horse riding... at least in Averi's eyes.
We had a small family birthday party for Averi and Kenley at the Proudfoot's house. Of course it was "Frozen"-themed!

The girls playing in the morning with all Kenley's cool toys
Kadence and Rix were cute little buddies most of the time! They loved jumping on the Trampoline together
Maria hooked Buddy up to the cart and the kids had a GREAT time riding around the pasture. Sophie chased the cart the whole time, the little freak :)

Averi was able to go to Kenley's friend birthday party. That girls got a LOT of partying in for the month of July!
We went to the Cobb's house one night for dinner and to hang out with them. It was fun catching up and Averi had a blast with their dog. She's my little dog-whisperer. Sophie and Daisy were thrilled to come along as well.
Then we got to stop by Kristy's school to see her classroom. It wasn't finished yet but was already adorable and the kids loved checking everything out!

These are my favorite moments... Seeing the kids all snuggled up with grandma while she reads to them.
Averi's new sleeping bag that she got for her birthday. She LOVED it! We were going to all sleep on the tramp that night but I didn't want to go to bed as early as the girls so I sent them out around 9pm. Averi chickened out immediately so she came in and slept in a bedroom. Kenley stayed out there by herself until I went out with her an hour later. Brave little girl!
Me and Maria were crazy enough to go shopping with all the kids. It started out all smiles...

Then pretty much ended with everyone fighting
But we ended on a high note with a trip to DQ on the way home!
Averi saying goodbye to the ponies
We always enjoy our trips to see family and we missed them the minute we left!

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