Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After spending 2 days in Utah,  Doug flew straight to CA to work for a week while I spent the next week and a half visiting my family in Boise. Doug came back and spent the remaining 3 days there with us. We had a blast as usual!!

Averi is still obsessed with my mom's ponies. She would go out every morning and feed them or just visit with them. They loved her too. They would come over to her from across the pasture just to see her (and be fed!). So cute!

Here she is actually riding one. I think she enjoyed petting them more than riding them. 

My mom made a special bubble recipe and her and Averi used wires to blow huge bubbles. Didn't work quite as well as we had hoped but Averi still had tons of fun. She loved doing anything as long as it was with Grandma!

Me, Maria, and my mom took the girls to the YMCA to swim one afternoon. They had fun but they have somewhat of a love-hate relationship so it didn't last too long :)

Just the cutest picture of Averi with a bouque.

My Brother Casey's birthday was while we were there so we went to the cemetary to take some flowers to him. Here's Averi and Kenley walking around out with Aunt Bonnie.

My mom fell asleep like this with Kadence so I just had to get a picture ;)

Maria and I took the girls to get pedicures (they just got their nails painted) and it was the cutest place ever! They had these cute little butterfly chairs with mini dvd players for the girls to watch a movie while they got their nails done.
Between the licorice, candy, and movies, I think they had a pretty good time...oh and the pedicure!

After getting our nails done, we went to U-Swirl and got some frozen yogurt. Mmmmm!
Grandpa hanging out with Baby K
One afternoon I took Averi over to Maria's house to play with Kenley. They had fun playing with her toys and cool play-dough set.
Having a bonfire in the back yard. Too bad we decided to get creative by making "tin-foil smores" and ruined all the chocolate. haha!
We had a little surprise baby shower for Maria at the Cheesecake Factory. It was just me, my mom, and Kristy. We took Averi, Kenley, and Kadence with us and our neighbors aparently weren't too impressed with their behavior. Haha!

Perhaps one of the highlights for Averi was the Fairy Tea Party that my mom hosted for her and Kenley. They got to wear these adorable dresses, play games, and eat yummy finger snacks with their "tea".
Here is my mom putting the "fairy dust" on their hands.
Visiting the ponies
Playing Ring Around the Rosies
The main event!
Another one of Averi's Favorites was riding the horse with Grandpa. She was pretty nervous to get on but once she was on, she was all smiles!

Waiting for my dad to get the horse.

This is one of my favorite pictures. She is actually using the reins and she thought she was pretty cool :)
After a while, I went inside while they rode in the pasture. I was hanging out with my mom when the doorbell rang and we answered it, only to see this:
They came all the way up to the doorstep :)
On Mother's Day, the men hosted a pot luck dinner at the Cobb's house complete with dutch oven cooking and a ice cream buffet! I always love get-togethers at their house. So fun!

I love this picture. Tyler reading to Averi. What a sweet boy.
We also went to my nephew Zac's "Senior Stud" night. It was pretty funny ;)
Maria and I took the girls to the Science Center one afternoon. Here they are on this chair thing that you could pull yourself up on using a pulley and then fall back down. They loved it.
Blowing giant bubbles
Averi could have stayed in the Science Center's mini grocery store all day. It was way cute.

So I realize that I dont have many pictures of Kadence. Well that's because she did a whole lot of this:

Oh man she is so cute I wanna eat her,... but I won't!

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M&M said...

It was SOOOOOOO fun having you guys here!!!! We miss you like crazy and Kenley talks almost daily about wanting to see Averi. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long.