Thursday, June 21, 2012

Utah - 2nd heat

Of course the day we came back to Utah, Sophie rolled in something nasty. Dogs are so disgusting! Luckily Payton and Macy were willing to take her out and give her a bath with the powere hose. Averi pretended to help :)
 Nammy and Averi taking Baby K on a walk. The weather there was great so I took advantage by going on a couple walks too.
 One of my favorite parts was getting to see the new Mill Creek Mall. We went and watched their water and fire fountain show which was way cool. There literally was fire amidst the fountains and you could feel the heat and everything. The water moved to the beat of the music too. Way cool.
 Off to the food court for a snack and play. Averi was in heaven if you can't tell from the picture!
 Averi playing with Nammy. That was probably her favorite thing to do there since Nammy let's her have/do anything she wants :) She loves her Nammy!
 Macy bonding with Kadence
 One last picture before we head back to the land of the sun! We had SO much fun and were so sad to leave.

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