Saturday, June 23, 2012

Swim and Play!

I had been taking Averi to a "mom's day out" group at a community church nearby for the past year. We met once every Tuesday morning and dropped off our kids for 3 hours. It was really great but then the church owners needed the room back so we couldn't do it anymore. Anyways, there was money left in the treasury so we had one last hoorah back in May. We took the kids to Estrella Gymnastics and they tumbled and played for an hour then we took them to Chick Fil-A to eat and play some more :) Averi had a blast and I think she felt pretty cool since she had been to Estrella Gymnastics before and knew where everything was!

 Mike and Maria gave this super cute childrens tent when they came to visit in April. We busted in out a few weeks ago and had a "campout" in our backyard while we watched The Muppets movie.

The girls in their matching onsie pajamas. Not sure why Averi thought it the best time to get out her sequin headband.
 Averi took her first swimming lessons a couple weeks ago and is now a total pro. She did really well the first ten minutes of her first lesson until she noticed that other kids were freaking out and crying. Then of course she started doing the same. I was hoping the next day would be better but NOPE! the first 5 days of swim lessons she cried. Then on the sixth and LAST day, she had tons of fun and was asking to go back. Of course!

 Her first swim:
 Both our pets are outside pets now. Can you tell they love it?! ;)  they always end up laying here on the grass in the evening because it is shaded as the sun goes down. Our grass looks gross here but it's getting better!

Kadence's first swim! I am absolutely in love with this swimming suit my mom got her. Not only is it the cutest thing ever but it covers her up from the scorching Phoenix sun!
Big Sis + Lil Sis
 Getting ready to get in the pool. This girl is the snugggliest little thing. She would be in heaven if I could just carry her around like thing all day.
 She was SUPER relaxed and loved the water. She didn't even tense up at all when she got further in the water.
 All tuckered out.


M&M said...

That swimsuit is to die for! And your campout looks SO fun!!!! We need to do something like that. If only we lived close and could do it together.

Clarissa and Darrin said...

Such a cute swimming suit! What a fun summer camping in the backyard and swim lessons, soooo fun!!

Jed and Amanda said...

The girls are so cute!! It looks like you are adjusting well to two :)